Junior Stand 2-Riser Aluminum

Junior Stand 2-Riser Aluminum
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: Junior Stand 2 Riser ALU
Product ID: MP12241
Product ID: MP12241 Categories: ,

MPR Says: “Strong and Sturdy”

“This is a very sturdy and well built stand great for small and even larger lights. Heavy and strong, very well built with quality parts. Made to last and the adjustable rocky mountain leg is a great feature. “

Product Overview:

The Hollywood Junior Stand is a Beefy Baby Double Stand with a Junior Receiver on top. Its leg supports now fold down. Legs are made of steel instead of aluminum to provide greater stability and longer wear. The top riser is also made of steel, this permits the 5/8″ Baby Pin to be welded into the riser instead of pinned, plus it increases the strength of the top riser which is the smallest in diameter.

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