K5600 Kurve Parabolic Umbrella

Manufacturer: K5600
Website (Commercial/Pro): K5600 Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13730
R2 Description: Light, K5600 Kurve Parabolic Umbrella
Product ID: MP13730 Categories: ,

Product Overview:

The K5600 Kurve Parabolic Umbrella will be available in three different sizes and utilize their existing Joker HMI’s. As of now they’ve announced a 3’, 4.5’, and a 6’ version. Focus is adjusted from the rear of the unit and there is a crank handle for easy tilt adjustment.

The Kurve will also work with a flash head attachment such as a Broncolor or Profoto head using the same baskets to invert the head as the Broncolor Para umbrellas use – or you can also put a Joker 200 or Joker 400 on the end of this and point the head straight out.

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