Kessler Kwik Release System

Camera Support, Kessler Kwik Release System
Manufacturer: Kessler Crane
Website (Commercial/Pro): Kessler Crane Commercial Website
Product ID: MP12440
R2 Description: Camera Support, Kessler Kwik Release System
Alternative Product Name: Kessler Kwik Release System
Product ID: MP12440 Category:

Product Overview:

The Kwik Release System is a unique, patent pending mounting system featuring solid billet aluminum and stainless steel construction. With a one hand drop-in instant latching and push button drop-gate release, this mounting system is strong, secure, fast and easy to use.

Once the mounting plate is snapped into the receiver, the plate can be adjusted but it cannot slide out of the receiver thanks to the secure safety stops. They also built in an ultra-strong cam lock that, once tightened, will secure the plate with absolutely no slip. Kessler designed the Kwik Release System to be as modular as possible with mounting plates available for cameras, sliders, motion control heads and more.

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