Lectrosonics LT Beltpack Transmitter

Lectrosonics LT-A1 Beltpack Wireless Transmitter (A1: 470.100 to 537.575 MHz)
Manufacturer: Lectrosonics
Model Number: LT-A1
Website (Commercial/Pro): Lectrosonics Commercial Website
Product ID: MP14023
R2 Description: Wireless Transmitter, Lectrosonics A1
Alternative Product Name: Wireless mic
Product ID: MP14023 Categories: , Tag:

Product Overview:

The LT digital hybrid wireless transmitter comes with 75 MHz tuning bandwidth, a programmable switch function , and the ability to respond to remote commands from smartphone apps.

Other features this great transmitter has to help you obtain good clean audio are the selectable RF power at 50 or 100 mW, a compatibility mode to ensure analog receivers will work well with the transmitter, and line level and instrument level inputs.

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