Libec LS-38 Tripod

Libec LS-38 Tripod with H38 Head and Floor Spreader
Model Number: LS-38
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP12079
R2 Description: Tripod, Libec LS-38
User Manual Download: Libec LS-38 Tripod
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MPR Says: “Attention Canon 7D and 5D owners”

“If you are a Canon 7D or 5D owner or operator and are looking for an ideal tripod; we have it here. The Libec LS-38 offers easy handling and superior pan and tilt movements as well as counterbalance. We love its lightweight, yet incredibly stable qualities and use it in our studio and on all our location shoots. And of course its great with all other DSLR and light-to-middle weight HD cameras also.”

Product Overview:

The natural successor to the LS-37, which set the standard in the 4 to 8 kg / 9 to 17.5lb category, the LS-38(2A) and LS-38M(2A) prove Libec’s commitment to product development. This all new 2stage tripod has been redesigned from the ground up giving a quality of steadiness and usability usually only found in more expensive models. The H38 head has also had a makeover allowing the users to balance and detach the camera more easily. The LS-38(2A) and LS-38M(2A) are the perfect partners for the HD digital era.

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