Magliner – Heavy Duty
Manufacturer: Magliner
Model Number: Magliner
Website (Commercial/Pro): Magliner Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10205
R2 Description: Cart, Magliner, Senior

MPR Says: “Take it with you”

“Tired of packing and unpacking? Magliner carts let you easily move all of you gear on wheels. And by adding or subtracting shelves you can create working space and storage space for different jobs. And at the end of the day these lightweight carts fit into most personal vehicles. What did video professionals do before Magliners? (Answer: carry a lot of stuff)”

Product Overview:

Handtruck unfolds to become a platform truck with a folding blade extension. Can be equipped with up to three horizontal shelves and an assortment of accessories enabling the cart to be used for recording, playback, video, or utility.

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