Mini Preemie Baby Stand

Matthews 386038 Mini Preemie Baby Stand
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: 386038
Product ID: MP12246
R2 Description: Grip Gear, Stand, Mini Preemie, Double Riser
Product ID: MP12246 Categories: ,

MPR Says: “Going low with large lights”

“These stands are, as their name states, small. But they can accommodate larger lights; and are rugged for location use. Even though your light is sitting low to the ground, it is still necessary to make sure that it is properly secured with sand bags (and possibly safety lines). “

Product Overview:

Heavy-duty and rugged, these aluminum and steel stands can withstand the rigors of location shooting. Made with square tubular legs for additional stregth. Smaller versions of Beefy Baby Stands are known as Mini Preemie and Preemie Baby Stands.

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