Neumann KMR-81i Shotgun Mic

Neumann KMR-81i Shotgun Mic
Manufacturer: Neumann
Model Number: KMR 81i
Website (Commercial/Pro): Neumann Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11181
R2 Description: Microphone, Neumann KMR 81 i
User Manual Download: Neumann KMR-81i Shotgun Mic
Product ID: MP11181 Category:

MPR Says: “A sound kit necessity.”

“One of the best short shotgun mics in the business (period). Perfect for run and gun ENG work or sit down interviews, the versatility and quality of this mic is universally accepted as top-of-the-line.”

Product Overview:

The KMR 81 is a shotgun microphone with a high directivity that remains within the acceptance angle independent of the frequency. The advantage is that a sound source, for example an actor on stage, will not change its apparent tonal balance when moving within this area.

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