Noga CineArm MG (Large)

Camera AKS, Noga Arm, Medium Duty
Manufacturer: Noga
Website (Commercial/Pro): Noga Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11669
R2 Description: Camera AKS, Noga Arm, Medium Duty
Alternative Product Name: Noga Arm
Product ID: MP11669 Categories: ,

Product Overview:

The Noga CineArm is composed of three-joints that can be quickly and efficiently locked or released using a kip lever-based central mechanism. All three-joints can be simultaneously locked using the single central locking knob. While supporting camera lights and monitors, you can move the arm horizontally or vertically, as well as achieve tilt adjustments to obtain the best possible view. With equal length on both sides, the arm offers increased strength and holding resistance.

Three-joint mounting arm
Provides quick and efficient locking or release of arms using a kip lever-based central mechanism
Offers simultaneous locking of all three joints via single central locking knob
Provides horizontal, vertical as well as tilt adjustments allowing you to obtain the best possible view
Equal length on both sides of the arms for increased strength and holding resistance
Supports camera lights and monitors

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