Oracle Controller and ElektraDRIVE Bundle

Oracle Controller and electraDRIVE Bundle for Kessler CineSlider
Model Number: Oracle
Website (Commercial/Pro): Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11252
R2 Description: Slider, Oracle Controller / Joystick, Kessler
Product ID: MP11252 Categories: ,

MPR Says: “Get the Perfect Time-Lapse”

“Use this with the 5ft Cine-Slider. This controller add time-lapse features and motion control, giving you precise movements and beautiful shots.”

Product Overview:

The ORACLE Control System is the core of our elektraDRIVE line of products. Almost two years in development, we set out to make the ultimate multi-function controller for our line of electronic products. The ORACLE Control System is interchangeable between multiple products, like our REVOLUTION Pan / Tilt System, elektraDRIVE motor pods for the CineSlider & Pocket Dolly, and other products to be released in the future.

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