Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery-Powered Flash

Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery-Powered Flash
Manufacturer: Profoto
Model Number: 901094
Website (Commercial/Pro): Profoto Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13348
R2 Description: Still photography , Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery-Powered Flash
Alternative Product Name: Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Strobe, Strobe
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MPR Says: “B1 500”

“In 2014 a miracle occurred. The Profoto B1 500 was announced and we added it to our strobe rental in Miami. A battery powered strobe flash is a beautiful thing when you are working by yourself and without power. While most people don’t shoot full power on Profoto B1 it is a great strobe unit. (Even when shooting at magic hour on Fort Lauderdale Beach.) It amazes me how many photographers rent a strobe and pack that is just way too large for what they are shooting. You don’t have to have massive powerful strobe packs to get stunning results. The Profoto B1 is a pretty complex strobe with many features, the weight is only 6.5 lbs! The Profoto B1 has a built in slave trigger that lets you control the head with a radio or infrared unit wirelessly. That is going to make your life easier. Build quality is amazing, with round corners all around giving a clean finish to the unit. Profoto heads have a flexible mount ring system, you can move a light modifier like a soft box in and out to get the look you’re after. Eight (8) steps of this head “zoom” with 5 of them marked on the head. This feature is great because you don’t have to concern yourself with rotating anything into position and wondering if it’s locked or not locked. The Prophoto ring lock system is super reliable. Once locked the modifier securely stays in place. The case is nylon and will fit a charger and extra battery. Why use Profoto? There are cheaper strobes out there — Chinese knockoffs, that do not have reliability or color accuracy. Profoto B1’s have great shot to shot consistency, color accuracy, a high quality build, speed, with amazing reliability and versatility. Often less is more and that is certainly the case with our B1 500 strobe rental. Pros get that. No professional photographer balks at spending huge coin on a Nikon D4s. These still photography strobes are the gold standard / best of breed backed up by a company that provides amazing support. Rent the Profoto B1 500 strobe in Miami today! “

Product Overview:

Based on the popular D1 Air series of monolights, all of the familiar professional and convenience features we’ve come to expect from Profoto are onboard. The B1 has the same dense, durable polymer housing, integrated 77-degree reflector, built-in receiver compatible with Air transmitters and intuitive highly visible controls and display as the D1 but with two striking differences – battery power and TTL camera/flash integration.

Busy photographers can literally set up their lights, slip the optional Air Remote TTL-C or TTL-N transmitter onto their camera’s hot shoe and point-and-shoot without taking a reading and testing. Traditionally point-and-shoot would be a suspect term for a pro, but not if you’re shooting back to back jobs on an impossible schedule with what you thought was an undoable deadline. Composition, posing etc, is of course up to the photographer, but time after time the B1 will give you a first shot exposure that’s a keeper.

The key to this control is the optional Air Remote TTL-C (for Canon) or TTL-N (for Nikon) transmitter. Operating on 2.4 GHz band width, the transmitter, really a controller, has 8 frequency channels and with 3 groups per channel and a range of up to 330′ for TTL triggering and 1,000′ for normal triggering. Each channel has power ratio capability of +/- 2 stops. If you prefer to use manual you have +/- 9 stops power variation. You’ve also got modeling light, unit shut-down and first or rear curtain control. The TTL-C/N and the B1 500 Air TTL have mini-USB connectors for firmware updates directly from Profoto’s website. The head can be triggered by any Air Remote but requires the TTL-C/N for full functionality.

Core performance features are equally impressive. The B1 recycles in 0.1 to 1.9 seconds but can deliver up to 20 flashes per second in Quick Burst Mode which engages at lower power settings. Flash duration in Normal Mode is a very fast 1/1000 sec but there’s also a Freeze Mode that delivers flash durations a short as 1/19,000 sec. for capturing liquid sprays or splashes and other creative effects.

The B1 500 AirTTL employs an exchangeable Lithium-ion battery that gets up to 220 flashes on a 2-hour charge with the included 2.8A charger or a 1-hour charge with an optional 4.5A quick charger. The Battery has fuel gauge-type LEDs that make monitoring remaining power easy. The B1’s modeling light has been upgraded to LED to put less strain on the battery and provide the equivalent output of a 70W halogen bulb.

Finally, B1’s the back panel has been upgraded with a large, bright LCD screen that informs the user of the flash’s power level, radio channel and group, sync choice, modeling light mode and recycle alert. There’s also a large battery gauge that literally can be read from 20′ away.

The B1 500 TTL comes with protective cap, 2.8A charger and a soft case.

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