Profoto Pro-11 Power Pack Rental

At Moving Picture Rental, we’re thrilled to introduce Profoto’s latest and most potent addition to their Pro series: the flagship Pro 11 2400 Air TTL Power Pack. Building upon the immense capabilities of the Pro 10 Power Pack, the Pro 11 now boasts Air X connectivity through Bluetooth. This means our clients can seamlessly integrate the Pro 11 with the Profoto app and any other Air X compatible devices. This feature complements the existing connectivity with Profoto remotes like the Air Remote. The addition of Air X functionality means our clients can wirelessly control the pack via the app and even update its firmware without any cables. It’s quite something to think that one of the world’s most powerful power packs can now sync with a smartphone. We’re eager for our clients to experience this firsthand.

The Pro 11 can freeze motion down to an impressive 1/80,000 of a second. This power pack is designed for speed and power. For those clients aiming to capture a series of rapid shots, the Pro 11 can deliver with its ability to produce 50 flashes per second in quick burst mode. This is invaluable for those shooting high-speed action and needing a plethora of post-production options. Depending on the power settings, the recycling time ranges from 0.02 to 0.7 seconds.

Like its predecessor, the Pro 11 is equipped with two ports on its top surface, allowing for the connection of multiple compatible Profoto flash heads. We’ve paired it with the Profoto Pro head and a variety of their modifiers for optimal results. Each light source can be individually controlled, with large knobs facilitating precise power adjustments in one-tenth of a stop increments, ranging from 0.1 up to 10. This provides a power spectrum from 2.4 watt-seconds to a whopping 2400 watt-seconds.

The Pro 11’s construction has been enhanced from the Pro 10, offering even more durability and protection for its internal circuitry.

Product Overview:

The Profoto Pro-11 power pack is Profoto’s most advanced power pack to date. With HSS capabilities up to 1/80,000 of a second. Ultra high speed photography is unleashed, giving you the intensity you need, in that exact moment you need it.



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