Profoto ProHead Plus

Manufacturer: Profoto
Model Number: 900752
Website (Commercial/Pro): Profoto Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13528
R2 Description: Still photography, Profoto ProHead Plus
Alternative Product Name: Pro head; Pro-Head
Product ID: MP13528 Category: Tag:

Product Overview:

The ProHead Plus is the standard head for our Pro studio generators. It is remarkably lightweight and compact in size, but as tough and reliable as the Pro generators themselves.

  • Superior performance in a tough and compact casing.
  • Compatible with the entire range of Light Shaping Tools.
  • Very safe to use thanks to the extra thick UV reducing glass cover and sealed arc-proof connector.
  • Temperature controlled fan will keep head and accessories cool even during excessive use.

General Specifications

  • Flash Capacity: 1Ws to 4800 Ws
  • Modeling Light: 250 W or 500 W
  • Flash Tube: Quartz flash tube
  • Magnum Reflector @ 8: 128.3
  • Zoom Reflector @ 4: 64.3
  • White Umbrella @ 7: 32.3
  • Glass Cover: Frosted UV-coated
  • Fan: Yes
  • Cable Length: 4 m


  • Weight: 2.2 kg , 4.85 lbs
  • Diameter: 10 cm, 4 inch
  • Size: 26 cm depth, 10.25 inch

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