Profoto White Softlight “Beauty Dish” Reflector

Manufacturer: Profoto
Model Number: 100608
Website (Commercial/Pro): Profoto Commercial Website
Product ID: MP12970
R2 Description: Still photography, Profoto White Beauty Dish-20.5″
Product ID: MP12970 Category:

Product Overview:

The 20.5″ Profoto White Softlight “Beauty Dish” Reflector is designed to give a wide, uniform and softlight as well as shadow definition, when mounted to a Profoto flash head. The gradual fall-off makes it perfect for close-up beauty photography.

The center disc that blocks out the direct light can be replaced by a semi-opaque opal glass disc to create a center hot spot which also eliminates a donut-hole effect in specular highlights.
Each reflector can be supplemented by a honeycomb grid to create soft, toned-down edge-lighting.
The Softlight Grid accessory yields 10° coverage for more directed light.

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