Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft

Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft Bulb T12 120VAC
Manufacturer: Quasar Science
Model Number: Q50W2060XG
Website (Commercial/Pro): Quasar Science Commercial Website
Product ID: MP13854
R2 Description: Light, QUASAR Q-LED X CROSSFADE 4FT
Alternative Product Name: Quasar tube
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These lights have become really popular especially in music videos and also science fiction type films. DP’s are actually using these a lot physically in the scene to make unique lighting setups.

The Quasars have 50 watts of power in each tube and that’s a lot. It’s also really soft, too which is nice.  You can use these even for interviews and it looks great.

Remember, it’s always a great idea to rent or hire Quasars in Miami before you buy. Give it a test ride. Great for part of a small kit along with the Gemini or Astra light panels.

So previously, I was using a lot of Kino four foot four banks as my key light but I can take one or two quasar crossfades and it’s got plenty of juice there and they’re dimmable too. So, you can dial in your output. 

These are bicolor tubes and have a range of 2,000 to 6,000 Kelvin. The quasar crossfades have a CRI of 95, which is really color accurate and they look really good in all the tests we’ve done. They’re also flicker free. So if you’re doing any kind of high-speed filming, you’re gonna have no flicker with that. 

Rental of the Quasar LED Lights in Fort Lauderdale can help you make that all important purchase the right one!

These are really versatile lights and there’s so much fun to use either in the studio or out in the field and really, they’re not even that big. So you can set these up in a little kit of four of them and you’re not gonna be honking around with a giant gaffer kit.

Product Overview:

The Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft is a Variable Color LED replacement for a T12 4′ fluorescent lamps. These 50 watt tubes produce 90 lumens per watt! Quasar lamps are dimmable, flicker free and 25,000 hr average life. Best of all the Quasar Tubes are rugged, built with aluminum frame and plastic front diffuser. They can operate as a single tube or ganged together for a large light source. A really neat tool is the optional Modern Studio Fluorescent Lamp Holder. Holds a single tube and has a 5/8″ diameter baby pin for mounting in a c-stand.

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