Redrock DSLR Cinema Rig

Redrock Micro DSLR 2.0 Cinema / Studio Rig
Manufacturer: Redrock Micro
Model Number: REDROCKCine
Website (Commercial/Pro): Redrock Micro Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10186
R2 Description: Camera Support, Redrock Cine Rig
Alternative Product Name: red rock, shoulder rig, hand held, handheld
User Manual Download: Redrock DSLR Cinema Rig
Product ID: MP10186 Category:

MPR Says: “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better…Stronger…Faster.”

“The Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle enables cinema-style shooting with cameras like the Canon 5D and Canon 7D. While building this elaborate system about the relatively tiny body of a DSLR camera makes you feel a bit like a mad scientist, the Redrock rig really expands what’s possible with these cameras. Highly modifiable, the Redrock rig can adapt to the wants and needs of each individual shooter. With a cheeseplate and rod clamp included, the entire system can go from handheld to tripod in a matter of seconds. Additional add-ons such as the Hoodman Viewfinder Cinema Kit and Marshall V-LCD70P-HDMI Lightweight Monitor can be integrated into the system to meet your specific needs. “

Product Overview:

The Redrock DSLR Field Deluxe Cinema Bundle is a comprehensive package for converting video DSLRs to useful cinema production rigs. This rig is ideal for DSLRs that have the ability to output an HD picture to an external monitor while recording. Having an HD monitor opens new doors like the ability to allow a Camera Assistant to pull focus as opposed to the operator. It also allows users to take full advantage of the features that professional HD monitors offer.

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