Sachtler Video 18 Fluid Head Rental

Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head with Tripod
Manufacturer: Sachtler
Model Number: SachtlerV18
Website (Commercial/Pro): Sachtler Commercial Website
Product ID: MPS11257
R2 Description: Tripod, Sachtler V18, Fluid Head
Alternative Product Name: V18, Video 18, Sachtler, Sachler, v-18, tripod
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MPR Says: “No hitch in their step”

“What can I say? The Germans know their engineering, and Sachtler tripods are done right. Amazing quality that lasts a lifetime, for an item like a tripod that gets beaten-up day in and day out, these heads are modern marvels.”

Product Overview:

The Video 18 S2 is the latest generation of this popular ENG head and has now a greater payload than every before. For decades, the sturdy fluid head Video 18 has had a place on the equipment lists of successful ENG camera operators. Thanks to the excellent drag mechanism, the innovative Speedbalance technology for swift weight compensation and the large payload range, this best-seller is not only comfortable to use, but above all, highly reliable. It comes with typical practical Sachtler features like temperature resistance, Touch & Go plate, parking position for spare camera screws and illuminated spirit level.

Weight: 4.1 kg

Payload: 2 – 20 kg

16 counterbalance steps + boost button

7 horizontal and vertical grades of drag, +0

Tilt range: +90º to -70º

Slide range: 120 mm

Temperature range: -40º – 60ºc

Camera fitting: Touch & Go 16

Head fitting: 100 mm

Integrated flat base

Pan bar type / number: 1, telescopic, Type Plus right

Level: Illuminated

Adapter viewfinder extension: Optional

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