Sony 14in SD CRT Monitor

Sony PVM14M4U 14in SD Broadcast CRT Monitor
Manufacturer: sony
Model Number: PVM14M4U
Website (Commercial/Pro): sony Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11539
R2 Description: Video Monitor, Sony 14in Monitor
User Manual Download: Sony 14in SD CRT Monitor
Product ID: MP11539 Category:

MPR Says: “CRT Accuracy”

“Not the best monitor for outdoor use, but this monitor is great for indoor applications where an 8 or 9 inch monitor just wont do. The Sony broadcast CRT monitors have been the top-of-the-line for many many years an continue to be favorites of directors and editors (FYI- this monitor is Standard Def).”

Product Overview:

The Sony PVM-14M4U is a 13″ 4:3 aspect, multi-system color production monitor features Sony’s HR Trinitron CRT. HR Trinitron technology enables the monitor to achieve over 800 lines of resolution. SMPTE-C phosphors are used for accurate color reproduction. A wide range of signal inputs are available for both analog and digital sources. Advanced operational functions are built-in for easy setup and picture matching.

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