Sound Devices 744T Recorder

Sound Devices 744T 4-Channel Field Audio Recorder
Manufacturer: Sound Devices
Model Number: 744T
Website (Commercial/Pro): Sound Devices Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10045
R2 Description: Audio Recorder, Portable, Sound Devices 744T
User Manual Download: Sound Devices 744T Recorder
Product ID: MP10045 Category:

MPR Says: “4 Separate Channels”

“The 744T is ideal for film or video productions that require an entirely separate system for audio recording. A much more reliable and upscale alternative to the Zoom H4n recorder, the 744T is ideal for Canon 5D or Canon 7D shoots that require professional field recording. Whether it’s a highly mobile ENG job or a cart-based commercial production, the 744T offers convenience and stability. Use the 744T with our Sound Devices 302, 442, or 552 mixers for a fully monitored setup.”

Product Overview:

Two-channels of Sound Devices next generation microphone preamps with phantom, limiters, and high-pass filters

Channel 3 and 4 line-level inputs on TA3 connectors

Two-channel, balanced mic/line level outputs on TA3 connectors

Input-to-track assignment with 256 possible routing combinations

Record to its internal 80 GB hard drive, removable CompactFlash, external FireWire drive,
or any combination of the three

Programmable, sunlight-viewable LED level metering

Ultra-stable Ambient time code circuitry, tuneable to

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