Zeiss CP.2 18mm

Zeiss CP.2 18mm Compact Prime Lens (PL Mount)
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model Number: CP.2_18mm
Website (Commercial/Pro): Zeiss Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10943
R2 Description: Lens, Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 18mm/T3.6
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MPR Says: “Zeiss CP.2 Series”

“This is a great lens for independent cinematographers. It’s a pretty light lens so you can easily use it on HDSLR cameras like the 5D or even on the RED cameras. You can get critical, sharp focus for some great cinematic shots.”

Product Overview:

The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lens are the latest members of
the ZEISS family of lenses for digital and film cameras. This
second generation of the Compact Prime lenses now delivers
even greater flexibility by introducing interchangeable
mounts that allow the lenses to be used with a wide range
of cameras from traditional cine to HDSLR systems.

Switching between traditional film and digital PL cine cameras and HDSLR cameras is no longer an issue. The Compact Prime CP.2 lenses’ improved functionality means
improved ergonomics compared to standard SLR lenses, standard housing dimensions, standard focus and iris gear positions, a consistent front diameter, a robust construction,
longer focus rotation and a manual focus, thereby providing the flexibility users demand. With precision and speed – Compact Prime CP.2 lenses are the perfect tool for Independent filmmakers, professional still photographers expanding their services or large studios using HDSLR’s as a second camera for TV and feature film productions.

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