Film Gear Rentals Under 10K for Shooting a Commercial in Florida

In our experience, productions are often the living embodiment of Murphy’s Law.  Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Budgets fall short. Schedules go awry, and creative differences abound. And with more than enough to worry about during any kind of shoot, we’ve found that the best producers find ways to minimalize risks. Especially on the ones with budgetary constraints. One of them is to ensure their film gear rentals are as reliable as their crew. So if you’re planning to shoot a commercial in South Florida and are on a tight bud …

Saying Good-bye to Birns & Sawyer? The Future of Film Equipment Rental

Here’s some film trivia for you. What do 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia, 1969’s Easy Rider, 1984’s This is Spinal Tap, and 2000’s X-Men have in common? They all used equipment rented from legendary TV and film production equipment rental house Birns & Sawyer.

It’s not good-bye in the strictest sense—the company is merely reconfiguring its operations. But we are bidding farewell to the original movie camera rental shop in Hollywood.  One that’s been in operation since 1954.
Film’s Last Stand?
In some ways, yes. But this isn’t …

How MPR’s Florida Film Production Services Save You Time & Money

Whether you need a DP for one day, a sound mixer for a month, or a full-time producer, Moving Picture Rental can help you solve one of the biggest challenges many South Florida productions face: easily finding and hiring experienced, qualified professionals.
Your South Florida Film and Video Production Partner
Owned and run by filmmakers, MPR has been a one-stop shop for Florida film production services since 1987. Our experience as filmmakers ourselves means we truly understand how difficult it can be to quickly find reliable, qualified crew m …

21 Film Set Jargon Decoded

Whether you’re dipping your toes into film production, looking for camera rental in Miami or simply need a film crew job, knowing the language of production will help.

If you’re new to film-making, here’s one thing you’ll notice on a film set. People there speak a strange language, filled with nicknames, acronyms, and abbreviations. It’s called the language of production.

So here are 21 of the most commonly used film set jargon and what they actually mean.

1. Dailies

The term refers to raw footage stock of the day. The d …