The Tentacle Sync E MkII is a Disruptor of Consumer Timecode

The Tentacle sync is an impressive tool, allowing for timecode in a small form factor, enabling non-conventional utilizations on set. These devices have gained a tremendous amount of popularity amongst the film industry for their efficiency and convenience.

One of the standout features of the Tentacle Sync E is the compact size, allowing the allocation of where the sync box is to be mounted to be nothing more than an afterthought. This freedom is a tremendous tool appreciated by AC’s in the industry, run and gun operators with light rigs, an …

21 Film Set Jargon Decoded

Whether you’re dipping your toes into film production, looking for camera rental in Miami or simply need a film crew job, knowing the language of production will help.

If you’re new to film-making, here’s one thing you’ll notice on a film set. People there speak a strange language, filled with nicknames, acronyms, and abbreviations. It’s called the language of production.

So here are 21 of the most commonly used film set jargon and what they actually mean.

1. Dailies

The term refers to raw footage stock of the day. The d …

Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers and Crew

Filmmakers can be a tough crowd when it comes to buying gifts. They are an esoteric group, and I should know, I’m one of them! But as experienced filmmakers Moving Picture Rental has some hints since we use these products daily and monthly, some of them for many years. And what’s a better gift to a production friend or family member, than an item that’ll enhance and help them do what they do best! BTW, we’re not receiving any compensation for our product picks. We’re just doing it for fun and to pay it forward.

Gerber Suspension Mu …


ARRI’s newest digital camera, the ALEXA, is set to roll out this summer on a limited run.  Featured prominently at this year’s NAB Convention in Las Vegas, the ARRI ALEXA is already being touted as the next evolution in digital cinema.

Utilizing their experience as industry leaders in film camera production, ARRI’s latest effort aims at maintaining this reputation on the digital front.  With an ARRI-made Super 35 format sensor, the ALEXA can shoot 1080P direct to the camera.

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Florida Film Festivals

A producer’s job doesn’t end with the wrap party.  Keeping a finger on the pulse of the film festival circuit is an essential part of the process.  With the number of active festivals growing all the time, this can become extremely overwhelming.  For that reason, we’ve created a list of all the upcoming Florida film festival deadlines.  Good luck!


Global Peace Film Festival

Orlando, Florida

September 21-26, 2010


Regular Deadline: Passed

Late Deadline: May 21

___________________ …


ARRI introduced its new ARRI M18, an 1800W SE HMI, at last year’s NAB convention in Las Vegas.  Having become available this past summer, the M18 has proven itself as a versatile and efficient lighting system.  With an average lamp life of 750 hours and a tagline as “the brightest HMI you can plug into the wall,” the M18 combines convenience with dependability.

The M18 combines elements of PAR and Fresnel optics to spread an even beam of “TrueBlue” light that is adjustable from 20-60 degrees.  This lens-less system provides an i …

The Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle

The Redrock DSLR Cinema Bundle enables cinema-style shooting with cameras that are otherwise limited due to size and design.  DSLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon 7D boast a number of benefits (excellent image quality, low light shooting, etc) but are less than ideal for handheld shooting.  The Redrock DSLR rig solves this problem.

The Redrock Cinema Bundle features a protective and stabilizing microSupport cage built from carbon fiber rods (easily disassembled for storage).  A padded shoulder mount, including front han …

The Steadicam Pilot

For decades, filmmaking and massive budgets have been wed to one another.  With the invention and evolution of digital video, the floodgates of quality, yet low cost production have opened.  Emerging from the waves of this revolution is the Steadicam Pilot, a newly accessible and functional version of the device that has been beyond the reach of low budget cinema for so long.

[caption id="attachment_187" align="alignleft" width="180"] Mike McGowan SOC loves the Steadicam Pilot: “It performs like a much larger, more expensive sled. If I were …

The Sanken CUB-01 Mini Cardioid Boundary Microphone

The Sanken Mini Cardioid Boundary Mic is a huge step forward for audio devices of its kind.  Extremely small and inconspicuous, the CUB-01 can easily be concealed within a set, incorporated into the sound engineering of a broadcast news station, and much more.

[caption id="attachment_181" align="alignleft" width="144"] The Sanken CUB-01[/caption]

At a mere 45-gram weight, this boundary mic is more versatile than its predecessors.  This allows for placement in a broad range of areas – all you need is some double stick tape and the possibil …

The Cineflex V14 HD Camera System

The Cineflex V14 HD camera system has taken aerial cinematography to the next level. Equipped with a technologically advanced gimbal, the Cineflex V14 HD system uses sensors to recognize vibrations and immediately correct the camera accordingly.  This is a vast improvement upon previous gyro gimbal systems that relied on a system of spinning (and sometimes unstable) wheels to capture smooth images.  At about 65 pounds and a mere 14.5 inches wide, this gimbal also allows for more versatile shooting.  Uniquely, the Cineflex V14 Turret can be u …