Case Studies


“Behind The Music”


Client Pain Point: Super tight budget! Prior VH-1 shoot in Miami had crew behavior issues.

The “MPR” Solution:
Bundled pricing with Grip, Lighting  & Camera. Our owner David Wells hand-picked the G&E crew.
Equipment rental-
5-ton grip and lighting package.
4 Alexa Minis
Grip & Electric Crew
Lens Package-
Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm, T2.8
Angenineux Optimo Zoom 45-120 T2.8
Angenineux Optimo Zoom 28-76 T2.6
ARRI Alura 15.5-45mm

“John K. Sony Music Album Cover”

Adovo Management

Client Pain Point: Alex Harper photographer needed a Lighting Director / Gaffer to light a still photo shoot based on a visual reference from their client Sony Music.

The “MPR” Solution:
MPR provided continuous
lights and a Gaffer & Grip to light the job.
Equipment rented:
Dedoto Kit
Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Fixture, 36 Degree
1 Ton Grip Package
Light Panels Gemini

“Playing Through”

Unbounded Media

Client Pain Point: Independent movie needs a Digital Cinema Package & a “boat load” of production supplies on a budget in Sarasota Florida.

The MPR Solution

The MPR Fort Myers Office supplied:
Sony Venice Camera Package with 24/7 support
and 2 cube trucks full of production supplies.
Lens Package-
Zeiss Supreme Prime lens set.
Zeiss CZ.2 15-30mm T2.9 Lens

“Lotto Evolved”

UK Lottery Lottoland, Chief Productions

Moving Picture Rental, Miami’s one-stop-shop for film production, served as local South Florida production services for UK Lottery’s Lottoland spot “Lotto Evolved.” the shoot finished on time and produced fantastic results for the client.

UK Lottery Lottoland, Chief Productions

The MPR Solution
Pre-production and production.
Producer: David Wells
Equipment rental: Alexa Mini camera
Cooke S4/I lenses, lighting and sound.
Crew hire, payroll, all insurance.
Studio rental.
Sourced qualified primate veterinarian.

“Better way to sign”

Adobe, Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs

Moving Picture Rental provided a “one stop shop” solution for Wrecking Ball’s recent set of Adobe’s commercials. Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs is a regular customer who relies on us to help them with various production services projects.

The MPR Solution
Equipment rental- 5 ton grip and
lighting package.
Stunt coordinator.
Safety equipment for simulated
flight provided.
Crew, payroll.
Studio rental.
David Wells Producer, Pre
Production consulting and on call
during shoot day.

Adobe, Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show broadcast in Miami. Prior to the broadcast Moving Picture crewed and facilitated over 11 shoot days all over the state of Florida. Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami were a few of the locations.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The MPR Solution
David Wells Produced a comedic
sequence on the water at the Southern
White House, Mar a Lago.

Wells assisted with United States
Secret Service clearances, scouted
locations, conducted the tech scout
and built the marine coordination team
in addition to hiring all crew including
Director of Photography for the run of

Katy Perry Vogue

Conde Nast

Long time client, Conde Nast Entertainment needed to shoot Katy Perry on a film set speaking to her fans while taking breaks on a photo shoot for the cover of Vogue magazine.

The photo shoot day exterior at Wynwood Walls and there was no studio close by. Moving Picture Rental built a small studio under one of our large rental tents to facilitate the studio shoot.

The MPR Solution
Equipment rental-
5 ton grip and lighting package.
2 camera rental Package
Crew, Camera Assistant, grip, PA’s,
David Wells Production Manager,
Pre-Production consulting and on
call during shoot day.

Katy Perry Vogue Conde Nast

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