Camera Crews

Providing incredible camera crews in Florida for over 20 years.


We’re filmmakers who’ve been at this for over 20 years.

Our collaborators — Directors of Photography and Lighting Cameramen have also been at it for decades creating brilliant imagery for video and film.

We have offices and operate in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Tampa. Leveraging our over four million dollar inventory, we use the cameras, lenses, and lighting that we rent to others. We listen to you and are motivated to get you the images you need.

We can talk you through and solve any production challenge. We’ve been there and done that! Call us, we’ll get it done!

Local Florida Knowledge for over 20 years

We’re seasoned filmmakers with local knowledge and experience. Our team provides experienced crews throughout South Florida, from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa for over 20 years.

We know where the great locations are

Need a great location for an interview? How about great places to shoot B-roll? We can assist with permitting and clearances to secure that perfect place to shoot. We want you to focus on what you do best – producing your jobs.

Our shooters are insured

Our camera crews are fully insured with workman’s compensation. Our gear is covered by equipment rental insurance. We also do the production management of your job, managing payroll and invoices for your camera crews.

Read the case studies

The Daily Show

The Daily Show

The Daily Show broadcast in Miami. Prior to the broadcast Moving Picture crewed and facilitated over 11 shoot days all over the state of Florida. Orlando, Fort Myers, Miami were a few of the locations.

UK Lottery Lottoland

UK Lottery Lottoland

Moving Picture Rental, Miami’s one-stop-shop for film production, served as local South Florida production services for UK Lottery’s Lottoland spot “Lotto Evolved.”

Adobe, Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs

Adobe, Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs

Moving Picture Rental provided a “one stop shop” solution for Wrecking Ball’s recent set of Adobe’s commercials. Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs is a regular customer who relies on us to help them with various production services projects.

You save time. We hire the crew.

Need a large crew? Need a small entourage?
We work with 80+ crew and can match you with your dream team.

Crew members ready to work with you:

DPs & PAs

Hire directors of photography or production assistants.

Camera Assistants

Hire capable and reliable camera assistants.

Grips & Gaffers

Hire your gaffer, best boy, electrics, key grip and 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and swing.

Need more information on our Miami Camera crew projects?

Check out some of our previous jobs.

Cadillac Truth Dare Campaign

Why do we race?

Dunn Capital: Why Trend Trading

Lynam Knott: What is Tax Whistleblowing

Kaplan University Graduate Arthur Chappell

Florida Spine Specialists

“Better way to sign” – Adobe, Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs

Moving Picture Rental provided a “one stop shop” solution for Wrecking Ball’s recent set of Adobe’s commercials.

Wrecking Call Studio + Labs is a regular customer who relies on us to help them with various production services projects.

Scope of Work:

  • Equipment rental – 5 ton grip and lighting package
  • Casting
  • Stunt coordinator
  • Safety equipment for simulated provided
  • Crew, payroll
  • Studio rental
  • David Wells Producer, Pre Production consulting and on call during shoot day
Katie Nelson

“Honestly, I did a Google search and chose your company based on the site and everything you can provide. You guys have been SO super helpful.”

– Katie Nelson, Head of Production at Fancy Rhino.

Kristen Kolodin

“Thanks again for providing the guys and equipment for a hard but great job! Everyone was terrific and really gave more than their all!”

– Kristen Kolodin, president at Harbor Films Inc

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Get a custom package for all your production needs here. Also, get an extra 20-30% off when you combine camera, grip & lighting and crew services in one order!

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Grip & Lighting
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Production Supplies
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Production Services

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Other Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Fort Myers
camera crewing services we provide:

  • Shooter in Miami
  • Camerawoman in Miami
  • Two man band in Miami
  • Coverage in Miami
  • Cameras in Miami
  • Broadcast news in Miami
  • Sports in Miami
  • News Gathering in Miami
  • B-roll in Miami
  • 2 person crew in Miami
  • Interviewing in Miami
  • ENG shooter in Miami
  • Broadcasting in Miami
  • Man-in-the-street Interviews in Miami
  • News Crew in Miami
  • Camera Guy in Miami
  • 3 person crew in Miami
  • Freelancer in Miami
  • Live news in Miami
  • Remote broadcast in Miami
  • Cameraman in Miami
  • Shooter in Miami
  • Interview in Miami
  • Television crew in Miami
  • On-location in Miami
  • Newscast in Miami
  • Cameraperson in Miami
  • Two person crew in Miami
  • News footage in Miami
  • Camera operator in Miami
  • Broadcast in Miami
  • Press conference in Miami

Our crew is ready to make your project a success!