Apple Box – Eighth

Apple Box – Eighth
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Product ID: MP12255
R2 Description: Grip Gear, Apple Box, 1/8 (Pancake)
Alternative Product Name: AppleBox, 1/8, Manmaker
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MPR Says: “It’s a smaller Apple Box but so much more”

“There are so many uses and advantages that come with this classic, well made box. Adjust your height, sit comfortably, build a table, use as a prop. The opportunities and benefits are endless. These apple boxes are one of the sturdiest and well made out there. The 1/8 size is smallest and you can go but can be just the slight amount of height you need to get that perfect shot to reach the perfect height.”

Product Overview:

Great Southern Apple Boxes rival other manufacturers’ Apple Boxes for construction and smooth finish. Apple Boxes are extremely low-tech, yet essential pieces of equipment for any photographer or videographer.
When placed under a background cloth or paper, an Apple Box aids in composing a still-life arrangement. When a subject in your group portrait is instructed to sit or stand on one, your photographic composition is improved.
EPS Apple Boxes are available in Full, and Mini Series sizes.
Order several, or a whole set, to be prepared for any situation.
This is a Full Size Series, Pancake (Eighth) – 19¾x11¾x1″ (48.3×29.8×2.54 cm) Apple Box.

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