Aputure 600D Pro Daylight LED Light Rental

Aputure 600D Pro Daylight LED Light

Manufacturer: Aputure

Model Number: 600d

Website (Commercial/Pro): Aputure

The Aputure Light Storm 600d is a groundbreaking lighting fixture that redefines the possibilities in the industry. This review explores its exceptional features, user experience, and overall performance, presenting a comprehensive assessment of Aputure’s flagship product.

The Light Storm 600d stands out with its unmatched power and versatility. With an output twice as powerful as its predecessor, this fixture delivers over 20,000 lux at one meter with the bare chip and an astonishing 100,000 lux with the hyper reflector. This extraordinary capability enables users to manipulate light creatively, whether simulating sunlight in a studio or achieving realistic day-for-night shots.

The control box has been redesigned to accommodate the increased output. It features a robust 5-pin SF20 connector for a secure connection, and the fixture can be powered through mains power or V-mount/Gold mount batteries. A charging feature allows for convenient battery charging when connected to mains power.

To address overheating concerns, the Light Storm 600d incorporates a fan adjustment feature. Control options include an Auto mode that adjusts the fan speed based on cooling requirements and ambient temperature. The fan noise is manageable and not overly disruptive.

Controlling the light is effortless, with a user-friendly knob and buttons on the control box. The fixture offers various connectivity options such as DMX512, wireless DMX, art-net, and Ethernet. Additionally, it can be controlled using Aputure’s standard remote or the Sidus Link app, providing flexibility and convenience.

Photometrically, the Light Storm 600d delivers outstanding performance with a CRI and TLCI of 96, ensuring accurate color reproduction. The daylight SSI of 72 further enhances color rendering capabilities. While the light’s temperature tends to be slightly cooler than the advertised range, the negligible green/magenta shift guarantees consistent color representation.

The Light Storm 600d boasts excellent build quality, featuring a curved, handbrake-locking yoke for 360-degree rotation and compatibility with Bowens mount modifiers. Aputure claims weather resistance capabilities, capable of withstanding dust, light rain, and water spray. The included case ensures secure transportation.

In conclusion, the Aputure Light Storm 600d revolutionizes the lighting industry at its price point and effectiveness. Its exceptional output, comprehensive controls, and solid build quality make it a top choice for professionals seeking high performance and creative flexibility.

Product Overview:

The 600D is the perfect light, strong enough to fight the sun indoors, but light enough to be easily transported.

Wattage: 600

Color Temperature: 5600k (fixed)

Pin Type: Baby pin receiver

Weight: 13.6lbs (6.16kg)

Mount: Bowens

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