ARRI 575w Par HMI

ARRI Compact 575w HMI Par System
Manufacturer: ARRI
Model Number: HMI 575W
Website (Commercial/Pro): ARRI Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10995
R2 Description: Light, 5 wire Scrim Kit, 575w, ARRI 7.75in
Alternative Product Name: ARRI Compact 575w HMI Par System
Product ID: MP10995 Categories: , Tags: , , ,

MPR Says: “Small Light, Big Punch”

“Small and manageable, the 575 puts out a great deal of light. This HMI is probably the largest you would want to support on a baby stand, but can be adapted for baby OR junior stand support.”

Included Accessories:

Product Overview:

Where a lightweight Fresnel spotlight using daylight characteristics with compact size and high efficiency are needed, ARRI Compact Daylight Fresnels are the preferred choice. ARRI’s elegant modular construction, using corrosion-resistant aluminium extrusions and lightweight die castings, offers great structural strength and weather resistance. Together with ARRI flicker-free Electronic Ballasts, the rugged Compact range is ideal for all types of location lighting.

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