ARRI FF-5 Follow Focus

Arri FF-5 Follow Focus Cine Basic Kit
Manufacturer: ARRI
Website (Commercial/Pro): ARRI Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10169
R2 Description: Camera Support, ARRI FF-5 Follow Focus
Alternative Product Name: Arri FF-5 Follow Focus Cine Basic Kit
Product ID: MP10169 Category: Tag:

MPR Says: “Keep Critical Focus With This Powerful Tool”

“The professional film style FF-5 is the Rolls Royce of follow focuses. Keep your subjects in sharp focus on a wide range of lenses. It’s fast, precise and a valuable piece of equipment to have in your arsenal. “

Product Overview:

The FF-5 has a longer swing arm for better gear positioning with HD lenses. A lower gear ratio is also better suited to the smaller lens diameter of HD lenses and/or cine lenses with a compressed focus scale. The FF-5 can be mounted directly onto lightweight rods through a snap-on mechanism ensuring simple and fast setup on the set. With an adapter it can also be snapped onto 15 or 19mm support rods. The FF-5 can be equipped with driver gears for all popular types of HD and cine lenses. The drive gears can be attached on both sides of the swing arm.

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