Boompole, 16′

VDB 1404 Boompole, 16′
Manufacturer: VDB
Model Number: 1404 boom pole
Website (Commercial/Pro): VDB Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10129
R2 Description: Boompole, 16′ , 16.4mm Threaded Top, VDB
Alternative Product Name: Boom Pole, Boom, Carbon fiber, 16ft, 16 feet

MPR Says: “Long Boom Pole”

“This boom pole is perfect for recording bigger or wider shots as it has a much longer reach. Easy to operate. It’s a 3-stage light-weight pole with a comfortable feel and weight to it that makes it easier to capture audio during long shoots.”

Product Overview:

 4-section 16′ mic boom pole.  Minimum length 56″.  Lightweight carbon fiber tubing.

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