Chimera Speed Ring for ARRI 650w

Chimera 9670 6.5in Speed Ring (ARRI 650w)
Model Number: 9670
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Product ID: MP10239
R2 Description: Chimera, Speed Ring, 6.5in (ARRI 650w) 9670
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MPR Says: “Chimera’s Best”

“Use this very durable ring on an ARRI 650w and feel the power of Chimeras top of the line products. This is a well built and strong speed ring for the ARRI 650w that spins quite easily. Great to have in your kit when going into the field. It’s a very good product and easy to use.”

Product Overview:

6 1/2” Circular Speed ring to be used with the CHIMERA® Video Pro™ Lightbanks.

4 pole composite Speed Ring

Chimera 9670 6.5in Speed Ring (ARRI 650w and Joker 400w)

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