Comtek Line M72ASC

Comtek Line Level Transmitter IFB
Manufacturer: Comtek
Model Number: M72ASC
Website (Commercial/Pro): Comtek Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10263
R2 Description: Wireless Transmitter, Comtek Line Level Transmitter Channel 10 M72ASC
User Manual Download: Comtek Line M72ASC
Product ID: MP10263 Category:

MPR Says: “Great Wireless Transmitter”

“Great for your director or clients to listen in without getting in your way. It’s an industry standard piece of gear for location monitoring of your audio.”

Product Overview:

The M-72 wireless microphone transmitter meets the highest professional standards, yet because of its unique design, it offers operational success to even the non-professional user. When used with Comtek receivers, the M-72 transmitter reproduces the microphone’s quality with indistinguishable difference. The wide dynamic range of this transmitter is made possible because of its unique soft compressor system which, along with very linear modulation characteristics and low residual FM noise, gives the most natural sound possible from a wireless microphone. To add to its versatility, the M-72 transmitter is available with either a companded or non-companded audio system for use with any Comtek receiver. Also, the M-72 will phantom power all types of electret condenser microphones or operate with dynamic microphones.

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