Comtek Receiver

Comtech PR72B Receiver
Manufacturer: Comtek
Model Number: PR72B
Website (Commercial/Pro): Comtek Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10268
R2 Description: Wireless Receiver, Comtek Receiver Channel 10 PR72B
User Manual Download: Comtek Receiver
Product ID: MP10268 Category:

MPR Says: “Professional Comtek Receiver”

“This is a professional quality IFB Receiver that delivers. It’s light and easy to use with long read and very good audio quality. Great to have on set for monitoring your audio.”

Product Overview:

The PR-72b Companion receiver is a high performance miniature receiver. And due to its excellent performance and many available options, this versatile receiver may be used for many applications — IFB and professional studio communications, personal cueing, industrial communications, and individual auditory assistance, to name a few. Also, because of its extended frequency response and low noise level, the PR-72b is a convenient receiver to use with portable tape recorders.

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