Diffuser Sock 22″

Diffuser “Sock” for Beauty Dish-1Stop
Manufacturer: Impact
Website (Commercial/Pro): Impact Commercial Website
Product ID: MP12980
R2 Description: Diffuser “Sock” for Beauty Dish-1Stop
Alternative Product Name: Diffuser Sock 22″
Product ID: MP12980 Categories: ,

Product Overview:

This Impact Diffuser Sock is a heat-resistant (see note), 22″ nylon fabric light softener ringed with strong elastic for a snug fit around metal strobe head reflectors. In addition, it is also ideal for use with 20 and 20.5″ diffusers. The diffuser softens the light output and reduces it by 1 stop.

Diffuser Socks are stackable, offering the opportunity to increase the diffusion effect while reducing the light output.

Note: Intended for use on flash heads or fluorescent sources. Do not use on continuous hot light sources.

  • Diffuses and softens the light output by 1 stop

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