Flag – Double Net 18in x 24in

Flag – Double Net 18in x 24in
Manufacturer: Matthews Studio Equipment
Model Number: 149061
Product ID: MP12304
R2 Description: Grip Gear, Flag, Double Net 18 x 24 inch
Product ID: MP12304 Categories: ,

MPR Says: “Control Your Light”

“Managing light and shadows on the set makes al the difference. Good quality, well manufactured. Use it for adding subtle hints of shadow. With the double net and single net flags you can really design or alter each of your lights and create a beautifully lit shot. Flags like these and also silks can give you so much more lighting control no matter what kind of set you’re on, feature film, short film, documentary, music video ect.”

Product Overview:

Scrims are fabric panels, used for dimming, with the light source being a luminaire or sunlight.
Collapsible and durable carbon steel wire frame has arms to swing out to 90° angles and lock into place. Fabric covers are easily interchangeable.

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