Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400

Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400
Manufacturer: Kino Flo
Model Number: DIV-400-120
Website (Commercial/Pro): Kino Flo Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11069
R2 Description: Diva, Kino
Alternative Product Name: Light, Kino Flo, Diva-Lite 401
User Manual Download: Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400
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MPR Says: “Travel-ready”

“My favorite small interview key light. No extra ballast, dimmable, 2 or 4 bulb-selectable, daylight, tungsten or mixed temps. All around great light in a lightweight travel case.”

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Product Overview:

The Diva-Lite 400 is a soft light source ideally suited for Television or Film documentary shooting styles. The unit provides a broad soft and diffuse light. As a cosmetic light source it’s ideal for news presenters reporting from locations around the world. The compact size and rugged lightweight nature makes it well suited for travel. Dimmable and 2-4 bulb selector ballast is built into unit.

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