Manfrotto 504 HD 75mm Ball Head & Tripod Rental

Item Name: Manfrotto 504 HD 75mm Ball Head & Tripod

Manufacturer: Manfrotto

Model Number: MVK504HD-1

Website (Commercial/Pro): Manfrotto

Product Overview:

If you’re a professional videographer looking for a reliable and sturdy tripod to use with your high-end video camera or camcorder, the Manfrotto 504 HD 75mm Ball Head & Tripod might be just what you need. This tripod kit boasts a durable aluminum construction and can hold a payload of up to 16.5 pounds. It also features a 75mm ball head with a fluid drag system that makes for smooth and seamless panning and tilting, as well as adjustable leg angles and a quick-release plate system for hassle-free camera attachment and detachment. The maximum height of the tripod is 68.2 inches, making it ideal for a range of shooting situations. And because it comes with a standard 75mm bowl mount, it can be used with a variety of cameras and camcorders.

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