Steadicam Pilot-AA Camera Stabilization System

Camera Support, Steadicam Pilot System w/ AB Mount
Manufacturer: Steadicam
Website (Commercial/Pro): Steadicam Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11342
R2 Description: Camera Support, Steadicam Pilot System w/ AB Mount
Alternative Product Name: Steadycam, steady-cam, steadi-cam
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Product Overview:

The Steadicam Pilot-AA is a state of the art, lightweight stabilizer system designed especially for the modern breed of lightweight cameras from 2 to 10 pounds. It features a 5.8″ NTSC/PAL LCD monitor, Iso-elastic Arm and ultra low profile vest, lightweight sled with CarbonLite expandable post.

AA Option
The AA option allows the monitor to be powered by AA batteries by including an AA battery mount.
Iso-Elastic Arm
The Iso-Elastic arm is a two-section, articulated, design that can be adjusted while supporting the camera. With this patented, unique design, the Steadicam operator can smoothly and effortlessly raise or lower the arm throughout its 28 inch boom range.
A low profile vest allows the Iso-Elastic Arm to work in a very smooth fashion.
Low Mass Gimbal
Utilizing a proven Low Mass Gimbal the operator has the ability to capture the fluid movement that only Steadicam can provide.
LCD Monitor
A 5.8″ 16:9 LCD monitor is offered for great images and an upgrade to a modern aspect ratio.

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