Suction Cup

Manfrotto Suction Cup Mount
Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Model Number: Suctioncup
Website (Commercial/Pro): Manfrotto Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11344
R2 Description: Suction Cup Mount, Manfrotto
User Manual Download: Suction Cup
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MPR Says: “Anywhere you can go”

“Anywhere your car, motorcycle, boat, or plane can go…now your camera can go also; offering unique angles only suction cup mounts can offer. The angles are limitless with a variety of adapters, extensions, connectors, and accessories. No more monkeying with ratchets, bungees, gaffer tape and sash cord. “

Product Overview:

Manfrotto Suction Cup has Standard 1/4 inch stud for use as versatile support for most DV cameras or small camera lights.

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