Tentacle Sync E MKII Set Rental

Tentacle Sync Set

Manufacturer: Tentacle Sync

Model Number: E MKII

Website (Commercial/Pro): Tentacle Sync

MPR Says: “The Tentacle sync gives timecode for all.”

The Tentacle sync is an impressive tool, allowing for timecode in a small form factor, enabling non-conventional utilizations on set. These devices have gained a tremendous amount of popularity amongst the film industry for their efficiency and convenience.

One of the standout features of the Tentacle Sync E is the compact size, allowing the allocation of where the sync box is to be mounted to be nothing more than an afterthought. This freedom is a tremendous tool appreciated by AC’s in the industry, run and gun operators with light rigs, and multi-camera solutions requiring a product that just ‘solves’ the sync issue at hand with no postproduction work. The Tentacle Sync’s compatibility with a wide array of different cameras from consumer to industry leading.

The notable advantage of the Tentacle Syncs is hte impressive battery life at 30-40 hours, ensuring more than one day of production without having to be concerned about the tentacle syncs dying. This frees up time and allows for the focus to be more on the shoot at hand.

The companion tentacle sync app is a trailblazer in its effectiveness at allowing the user to jam timecode with UTC balanced local time. The app also allows the user to monitor whether timecode is out of sync between different Tentacle Syncs. The capabilities that the app enables allows for anytime monitoring of timecode and re-jam without having to remove the tentacle sync from the camera to re-jam. Convenient for those multi-camera shoots with fast turnaround times, as well as those delicate rigs. The standard ‘lunchtime’ resync has never been so easy.

This benefit is a double edged sword, the dependence on the app comes with justification by the engineers to not add a screen to monitor timecode. This sacrifice can be justified by the low-competitive pricetag and good end-user accessory cables included in the kit.

All of these factors acknowledged, the Tentacle Sync E is a tremendous tool for its size, solving problems with its ease of use and small form factor. I’ve got to say, this lens, this one lens… captures the explicit freedom that comes with good optics. For any sort of production, photography, videography, cinematography, this lens just does it all.

With it being a maturation of over 30 years of Sony’s experience, and 10 years of Sony taking the advantages of technological advancements in the world of computer processing. We have faster autofocus motors than seen before, with the processing speed finally to utilize the smoothness. You’ll definitely need the autofocus with the absolutely gorgeous f/1.2 aperture, a creamy bokeh with a slightly softer image brings an almost paper craft level of subject-background separation.

Product Overview:

The Tentacle sync is a effective timecode generator.

With the Tentacle sync you can jam timecode from an array of different sources as an attachment unit to any compatible Camera.


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