Zeiss ZE 21mm Super Wide Angle Lens

Zeiss ZE Distagon f/2.8 21mm Super Wide Angle Lens – Canon EF Mount
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Model Number: Zeiss21mm
Website (Commercial/Pro): Zeiss Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10959
User Manual Download: Zeiss 21mm Super Wide Angle Lens
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MPR Says: “Wide and sharp.”

“Great for shooting in tight spaces, the 21mm on a Canon 5d Mark II can maneuver inside cars and still offer a fairly wide shot. At two feet away your looking at a MCU, not that you’d ever shoot an interview two feet from someone’s face, but for car rigs it can really create space.”

Product Overview:

This legendary super wide angle lens will set new standards in its focal length class. Exceptional color control allows for extraordinary high contrast pictures without any color fringes. Thanks to the Carl Zeiss T * anti reflection coating and its outstanding attenuation of stray light, the Distagon T * 2,8 / 21 provides brilliant results under all lighting conditions. With a close focusing of only 0.22 m (0.72 ft) it is as attractive for landscape photography as for subjects with dramatic perspectives. The Distagon T * 2,8 / 21 with F bayonet (ZF), EF bayonet (ZE) and K bayonet (ZK) is suitable for analog or digital full-frame SLR cameras. The large front fi lter diameter even allows for the use of standard screw-in fi lters when combined with the standard lens shade.

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