Zoom H4n Recorder

Zoom H4n Portable Field Audio Recorder
Model Number: H4n
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Product ID: MP10047
R2 Description: Audio Recorder, Zoom H4n Recorder
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MPR Says: “Pocket Recorder”

“This easy to use audio recorder is an excellent companion to DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D and Canon 7D. While the Canon 5D captures excellent images, the ultimate fallback of this line of cameras is the shoddy audio quality. Unlike other digital video cameras that offer 3-pin XLR inputs (Sony EX-3, Panasonic HVX-200), the Canon DSLR line has no easy method for recording professional grade audio directly to the camera. For this reason, the Zoom H4n is a great friend to the Canon 5D shooter. We recommend recording separate to the Zoom Recorder and synching in post! “

Product Overview:

Its onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics are arranged with the right and left mics on the same axis. This design ensures that the mics are always an equal distance from the sound source for perfect localization without phase shifting. Frequency response remains uniform throughout your recording. The result is great stereo recording with natural depth and accurate imaging every time.

Custom designed, onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics allow variable recording patterns at either 90° or 120°. Our unique design lets you rotate each mic capsule from 90° (standard) to 120° (wide-angle) stereo for the ultimate versatility in any recording situation. Now your recordings can be richer than ever before.

The H4n uses compact SD or high-capacity SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB. Unlike other media such as tape or discs, SD cards produce no mechanical noise, are not disturbed by vibrations and are readily available for your convenience.

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