A Makeup Mirror Rental Makes A Big Difference

On a film production or event production, everything, down to choosing a makeup mirror rental, can be consequential. Obviously the shoot location, vendors, camera and lenses, cast and crew are major considerations for the success of an event or production. But so are the lighting conditions available to Hair & Makeup.

LED Makeup Mirror

Lighting Continuity with a Makeup Mirror

A makeup artist’s work benefits greatly from the lighting continuity provided by a specialty film makeup mirror rental. The same standards apply for an event make up mirror rental. In either case, a makeup artist deserves a proper make up mirror to execute their craft and achieve the best look on their actor or model.

Color Temperature Considerations

Why? Because even when cameras are properly color balanced, lighting sources — direct or staged sunlight, incandescent, and/or fluorescent lighting — affect a subject’s skin tone and look.  These subtleties are apparent on film or HD video. That’s why Moving Picture Rental rents makeup mirrors in Miami that allow makeup artists to apply under the same lighting conditions being used on a shoot or event, particularly daylight / 5600K.

Craftsmanship Counts

Event make up mirror rental companies are not all the same in Miami. Most Miami event make up mirror rental companies only carry mirrors made of ugly plywood designed to be beat around. However, at Moving Picture Rental, you’ll rent a beautiful metal framed makeup mirror made in the USA.  Our sourced company takes great care in designing and crafting these rental make up mirrors to produce ideal makeup application environments. These mirrors will undoubtedly give your event that extra touch of elegance.

We’re There When You Need Us for Your Makeup Mirror Rental!

Ask for delivery and or setup of your makeup mirror rental in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. Rent a makeup mirror in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach from Moving Picture Rental today.