California Sunbounce SunSwatter

California Sunbounce SunSwatter Translucent Textile with 2/3 Stop Light Reduction

Manufacturer: Sunbounce
Model Number: 5350SSW
Website (Commercial/Pro): Sunbounce Commercial Website

Product Overview:

• This textile is the robust, standard diffusion material for soft light. The Translucent 2/3 textile softens and reduces the light by about 2/3 of an f/stop. It will cut the highlight / shadow contrast considerably. In any size, the effect is a good basic photographic light for either film or digital. This truly is the all purpose and daily use workhorse.
• All the Screens and Bags are made from the finest reflective and translucent materials available worldwide. The Sunbounce SYSTEM III½ is your only choice. Whatever or wherever you want to shoot, do not accept any limitations.

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