Tamron 28-75mm Lens

Tamron 28-75mm Lens for Sony E Mount

Manufacturer: Tamron
Model Number: TM2875SOE
Website (Commercial/Pro): Tamron Commercial Website

Mpr Says: The value that you’re getting in these Tamron lenses is very good now! This is kind of like a jack-of-all-trades zoom lens that’s got really good and positive reviews from a lot of reviewers out there. Very very versatile.

It’s lightweight and it has quite good build quality. This lens comes in at only 550 grams and that weight does definitely make a big difference in terms of the actual build quality itself.

This is an interesting lens because it’s one of the first lenses that you can get for Sony e-mount that’s not made by Sony and it auto focuses and does what you need Use it for video especially on the Sony a7s. It’s got the built-in stabilization already in the body and it’s gonna do really well.

The actual focus rings and the zoom rings feel very nice and smooth. It also has a hydro-phobic fluorine coating on the front lens which is highly resistant to fingerprints moisture and like dust

You’ve got that 28 millimeters all the way to 75. This makes it a really good option to cover a wide range of different photography styles and video.

We found it was super useful when we’re doing portrait shoots. I found myself not really wanting to change lenses. I just sort of kept this one lens on here. If you are going to shoot portraits with this I recommend that you do it all the way out at 75 millimeters. 

One of the main attractions of this lens is that very fast aperture of f28 particularly when you combine it with longer focal lengths it creates really really nice background blur and bokeh. The lens itself has nine aperture blades so you get very rounded very creamy cinematic looking backgrounds.

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Product Overview:

  • Zoom Focal Length: Focal Length: 28-75mm
  • Lens Type: Wide Angle to Telephoto Zoom Lens
  • Image Stabilization: Image Stabilization: No
  • Special Features: Aspherical, Bokeh Effect, Weather Resistant
  • Filter Size: Focal Length: 67mm

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