12″ Flex Plus Teleprompter
Manufacturer: Prompter People
Website (Commercial/Pro): Prompter People Commercial Website
R2 Description: Teleprompter kit with mounting bracket, 12″

MPR Says: “The new and improved teleprompter”

“With this easy to set up and use teleprompter, you can be ready to go in 15 minutes. Import your script into the user friendly Flip-Q software, set up the 12″ monitor to your tripod and you’re rolling. No longer a big system to move around, Prompter People designed one a heck of a rig.”

Product Overview:

The new and unique design of the Flex Plus teleprompter offers the perfect balance for any size camera. Easy to pack and transport, the Flex Plus Teleprompter has a fold down beamsplitter hood and glass and a removable camera mount extrusion rail. The included monitor has a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. The monitors are self-reversing and can display prompting with either the included PC and Mac software.



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