Vintage Camera Lenses from the 60’s & 70’s are Popular Again

Vintage glass for content creation is on the rise.  At Moving Picture Rental, we’ve fallen in love with Super Baltars for a variety of reasons.  Unlike many modern prime lenses that yield ultra tack sharp results that lack character, reveal imperfections in actors complexions and in general deliver a clinical look, Super Baltars give images high contrast and warm flesh tones plus they create cool flares. Some people say that Super Baltars are the Stradivarius of cinema prime lenses.  That’s why we have these camera lens rental available at o …

Rental Showcase: New Lenses Available at Moving Picture

Moving Picture has been listening to requests and working hard to bolster our rental inventory to meet the wants and needs of today’s shooter.  We are excited to announce the arrival of some new glass that you might be interested in.

PL Mount
Canon CN-E 30-300mm, T2.95-3.7, PL Mount

Moving Picture welcomes the new Canon CN-E 30-300mm PL studio zoom lens to our South Forida rental inventory. The Canon has created a nice package with this lens. The 30-300mm range is broad enough to get a full head-to-toe wide shot, then zoom in for a close up …