Film Gear Rental Essentials when Shooting Commercials/ Indies / Corporate Videos in Florida

Okay, you’re knee-deep in pre-production and are ready to tackle the film gear rental question. A camera is likely to be at the top of your list. While almost every production requires lighting kits and sound equipment, you may not realize how essential other film gear rentals are until you find yourself without them. To avoid that possibility, we’ve compiled a list of items we’ve found indispensable during production on commercials, independent films, and corporate videos.

Canopy 10’X10′ Pop Up Tent
When filming in Florida, prepare yourself f …

The Top 10 Gear Items you’ll need for Film Production that you Probably Forgot at Home

It’s near impossible to give a blanket answer to a question like “how much does a half-hour video or film cost?” But an industry rule of thumb is that it takes about an hour to film one script page. And you should estimate somewhere around $1000 per finished minute.

But the cost can be much higher for commercials (which often have budgets over a million) and feature films with name cast and established directors.

No matter what your production schedule or budget, it’s plain to see that each hour of filming is expensive. One of the bes …

The Top 5 Reasons You May Need Production Supplies

[caption id="attachment_1443" align="alignleft" width="354"] MPR Production Supplies[/caption]
Who would ever think that in addition to all the gear you’ve just rented that you’d also need a truck full of production supplies for your next video production in Miami! Well, we’ve complied a list of the top 5 reasons why you may.
1. Traffic
Safety on set is the most important aspect of any production. Crew are struck by cars every year on film sets throughout the country.  Pedestrian accidents in South Florida are very high so any kind of v …

Post Hurricane Survival Guide & Rental Generator Hacks

Hurricane Irma has come and gone and Moving Picture Rental is still experiencing post-storm effects. Luckily, we have rental generator and hurricane relief supplies! Since 1991 we’ve been through many storms starting with Hurricane Andrew that devastated Miami and Homestead.  We’ve learned and we’re ready to endure a CAT 4 or 5.

However, we’ve discovered in the immediate aftermath of a storm, that no power, no gas and poor communication can be even more trying.  In fact, four days prior to Hurricane Irma we prepped our rental generators that …