Product Review: Teradek Bolt XT

Who doesn’t dream of real-time wireless monitoring with no perceptible delay? For DITs to 1st ACs and producers, the Teradek Bolt XT, formally known as the 3000, transmits flawless image quality and makes on-set monitoring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Moving Picture Rental offers a lot more than just camera rentals in Miami. We have all the wireless gear you need to capture better angles, move quickly and freely, and save time on set.

Teradek Bolt XT
It isn’t just gimbals and drones that require wireless gear. There are plenty o …

Saving Picture Profiles for Sony’s PMW-EX3 on your Camera Rental

When considering a camera rental, the Sony PMW EX-3 is still a workhorse if you’re looking for a classic, 1080 simple to use camera with a built-in lens. The Sony PMW EX-3 has been designed to shoot spectacular images right out of the box, using the preset default settings. 

[caption id="attachment_118" align="alignleft" width="300"] Sony PMW-EX3 CineAlta XDCAM EX SxS solid-state camcorder.[/caption]

However, like all Cine Alta-branded Sony cameras, the EX-3 also comes with the ability to customize the final look of the recorded images throu …

Full Frame Cameras: How Will They Affect Our Industry?

The release of full frame cameras like Arri’s LF, Red’s Monstro, Canon’s C700, and Sony’s VENICE has made it clear that the future of cinema is headed toward larger sensor sizes. Of course, we have been shooting full frame video ever since the Canon 5D Mark II. But it’s only recently that high-end cinema camera manufacturers have brought larger sensor cameras to the market.

Large format digital cinema cameras took NAB 2018 by storm. Has the wanderlust worn off? Certainly, the buzz has slowed way down. You also have to ponder: Is th …

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Shooting Skills

Just like seasoned screenwriters constantly perfect their craft, experienced cinematographers can discover new ways to see and expose the beauty and storytelling elements in a scene. From shooting music videos to feature films, here are seven simple but effective ways to improve your skills and become a more compelling storyteller.
Improve your storyboarding skills
Directors of Photography have always used storyboards to collaborate and help them see the director’s vision, but there are ways to make them a more useful weapon in your work. Th …

4 Common Problems on Set in Florida – and How to Fix Them

Here’s something you’re going to learn in film if you haven’t already: NOTHING goes as planned. If things go 80% according to plan, you may just be working in a big-budget Hollywood studio! Or not; things don’t go as planned for the “big wigs” either — consider Apocalypse Now. Now factor in that Florida is a unique geographical region, with its own set of particular problems. If you’re directing, producing, shooting, and looking for equipment and camera rentals in Miami and South Florida, here are some things you should know.

Be Realistic A …

Why We Love The New Canon EOS R

There’s no denying that mirrorless full frame cameras are here to stay. With Sony leading the charge, they’ve become crazy popular in a short period of time. It amazes me how these mirrorless cameras have taken the camera rental business by storm.

Our customers demand mirrorless cameras on their camera rental orders along with an Alexa Mini as their B Camera. Mirrorless cameras’ form factor, size and ability to capture full frame or almost full frame is something to behold. It blows my mind how people have all of a sudden forgotten the Canon 5 …

The Arri Alexa Classic Camera Shoots Beautiful Films On A Budget

The Arri Alexa classic camera is a 6 year old design but it’s a totally relevant digital cinema camera!  We’ve seen the used value of these cameras diminish dramatically over 2016.  All of us in the rental business are scratching our heads about this camera’s devaluation as its shot Academy Award winning feature films.  This camera has probably shot over 5,000 feature films and countless TV commercials.  The sensor is fundamentally the same as current Alexa cameras.  For example, one of the few differentiators between this camera and the …

SmallHD HDR Monitors Now Available at MPR

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

SmallHD’s innovative HDR line of monitors come in 17, 24, and 32 sizes and are daylight view-able.  Since SmallHD constructs their monitors in billet aluminum they are virtually indestructible.  Watch this video for some great crash and smash examples!

SmallHD knows that setting up location monitors can be a hassle — mounting them on a sensible stands takes tons of velcro and machined custom parts.  So, Smal …

Sharks Beware! We Now Carry Gates Underwater Housing Products

It’s been a big month for us with Gates Underwater Products.  First, we were sent this awesome frame grab of Great White in action by our colleague Mark Reid, Underwater DOP, with our Gates Underwater Products Deep Dragon Housing. Shot in Guadalupe last month. ‪

[caption id="attachment_997" align="aligncenter" width="327"] David Wells with Andy Cassagrande, Underwater DP.[/caption]

Next, we attended Gates Deep Dragon underwater housing event at Red Digital Cinema Camera Company with legendary Underwater DP Andy Cassagrande.  It was nice b …