Where to find a Camera Crew in Miami

Florida is opening up for production, and we’re ready with your camera crew.

Our camera crews are PPE equipped in Miami and ready for action. We have one person film crews for home productions as well as COVID-19 solutions for creating content. Or, shoot in our open-air studio in South Florida. We have single operator / DP camera units available in Miami and Fort Lauderdale ready to shoot! We are no stranger to one-man-band camera crews, as we’ve been operating like this for years! If you need gear and your budget is tight, please let us kno …

Meet the Newest Additions to Our Film Gear Rental Inventory in 2020

In any industry, you have to stay current. It’s why businesses and corporations unveil new products and updated services regularly. They want to stay ahead of the curve and offer their clients and customers the very best. Film gear rental is no different since camera and equipment manufacturers consistently release new equipment and updated models. Here are some of the latest excellent additions to our inventory.
Canon C500 Mark II
One of the most excellent cinema cameras on the market today, the C500 Mark II, has already become a popular ch …

Film Gear Rentals Under 5k for shooting a Corporate Video in Florida

Video is an essential part of any corporate marketing strategy. It’s estimated that 60% of the general public prefer watching a video about a company rather than reading about it in an email or brochure. And amongst businesses that present both on their websites, videos receive three times more clicks. Suffice it to say, corporations that invest in such media give their organizations an advantage over those that don’t.

Unlike commercial advertisements or feature films, you won’t need much equipment to execute them successfully. More importantl …

The Essential Movie Equipment List for Getting Great Moving Shots on Your Next Project in Florida

Don’t wait until post-production to solve problems that should be addressed in pre-production. Hasty planning can often result in expensive reshoots. Making sure you have the right gear on-set can save you precious time and money. Of course, you’re going to put a lot of thought into the technical aspects of your production, like which camera, lighting kits, and sound equipment you’ll need. But when you’re planning your movie equipment rental, it’s essential to consider the accessories that will complement such gear. According to many …

Extraordinary Angles: Getting the Shot with a Kessler Pocket Jib

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where the cow is hoisted into the Raptor Pen? Or the shot of Eric Draven crawling out from his grave in The Crow? Both shots were achieved with a jib—the first is known as a crane down, look up; the second a crane up.

Essentially, DP’s use jibs to add a dramatic effect to a shot.  They are incredible tools that can help convey a wide range of expressions and emotions to your audience. Moving Picture Rental carries the Kessler Pocket Jib Pro, and your next shoot shouldn’t be without it.
What’s a Jib? …

SmallHD HDR Monitors Now Available at MPR

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://blog.movingpicture.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/SmallHD-HDR-Monitors_1.mp4"][/video]

SmallHD’s innovative HDR line of monitors come in 17, 24, and 32 sizes and are daylight view-able.  Since SmallHD constructs their monitors in billet aluminum they are virtually indestructible.  Watch this video for some great crash and smash examples!

SmallHD knows that setting up location monitors can be a hassle — mounting them on a sensible stands takes tons of velcro and machined custom parts.  So, Smal …

Sharks Beware! We Now Carry Gates Underwater Housing Products

It’s been a big month for us with Gates Underwater Products.  First, we were sent this awesome frame grab of Great White in action by our colleague Mark Reid, Underwater DOP, with our Gates Underwater Products Deep Dragon Housing. Shot in Guadalupe last month. ‪

[caption id="attachment_997" align="aligncenter" width="327"] David Wells with Andy Cassagrande, Underwater DP.[/caption]

Next, we attended Gates Deep Dragon underwater housing event at Red Digital Cinema Camera Company with legendary Underwater DP Andy Cassagrande.  It was nice b …

Congrats Gil Green, Judd Allison, 305 Films & Artists and Derelicts for Post Magazine cover


Congrats to good friends and colleagues Gil Green, Judd Allison, 305 Films and Artists and Derelicts who made the cover of Post Magazine.  Pitbull featuring Chris Brown music video “Fun” directed by Gil Green.
Director of Photography Tom Marvel.  Shot on an Arri Alexa.  Moving Picture’s manpower and gear were there!! …

Moving Picture Rental Offers DP’s Custom Case Integration

Mike McGowan, Director of Photography came in for a C300 and Zeiss CP.2 prime rental camera checkout — part of a much bigger shoot hopefully in Miami to come!  We offered up a custom case integration with back packs and hard cases on wheels for Mike’s shoot to minimize checked baggage and add ease-of-use on set as Mike was not shooting in Florida.  We also provided a lite panel Bi-color 1×1 kit.  We packed light-weight extension cords, flex fill, matte box and Red Rock follow focus. After the job wrapped Mike McGowan commented, “ The wh …

Phantom Flex 2K Provided to Oida Studios for Mizuno Golf Shoot

Oida Studios of Japan traveled to sunny Florida for a small shoot with PGA Tour pro Luke Donald.  High-speed Phantom shots were the order of the day for a Mizuno golf club commercial.  Then Mr. Donald played a few holes while being filmed by DSLR’s for a web series of instructional videos.

Moving Picture provided a Phantom Flex 2K camera package with a Phantom Tech, a Sound Mixer, and a Phantom 1st AC / DSLR Camera Operator. Call Moving Picture for your next Phantom Flex rental.  Available in both 2K and 4K camera bodies.

[caption id=”atta …