Where to find a Camera Crew in Miami

Florida is opening up for production, and we’re ready with your camera crew.

Our camera crews are PPE equipped in Miami and ready for action. We have one person film crews for home productions as well as COVID-19 solutions for creating content. Or, shoot in our open-air studio in South Florida. We have single operator / DP camera units available in Miami and Fort Lauderdale ready to shoot! We are no stranger to one-man-band camera crews, as we’ve been operating like this for years! If you need gear and your budget is tight, please let us kno …

12 Hints to Finding the Perfect Film Equipment Rental House

Getting your project greenlit is not the end of a stressful process, it’s merely the beginning of what could be a much more stressful one. Finding a film equipment rental house that understands the unique needs and demands of your production can be a daunting task, even for producers and filmmakers with several credits on their résumé. The rental house you choose to furnish your film equipment rental package is as important as the contents of that package. So here are 12 tips to help you make the right choice:
Regardless of …

Meet the Newest Additions to Our Film Gear Rental Inventory in 2020

In any industry, you have to stay current. It’s why businesses and corporations unveil new products and updated services regularly. They want to stay ahead of the curve and offer their clients and customers the very best. Film gear rental is no different since camera and equipment manufacturers consistently release new equipment and updated models. Here are some of the latest excellent additions to our inventory.
Canon C500 Mark II
One of the most excellent cinema cameras on the market today, the C500 Mark II, has already become a popular ch …

Film Gear Rentals Under 5k for shooting a Corporate Video in Florida

Video is an essential part of any corporate marketing strategy. It’s estimated that 60% of the general public prefer watching a video about a company rather than reading about it in an email or brochure. And amongst businesses that present both on their websites, videos receive three times more clicks. Suffice it to say, corporations that invest in such media give their organizations an advantage over those that don’t.

Unlike commercial advertisements or feature films, you won’t need much equipment to execute them successfully. More importantl …

The Next Big Thing in Film Production Equipment Rental

[caption id="attachment_2626" align="alignleft" width="365"] Brett Frey, first assistant cameraman on location in Miami with MPR.[/caption]
Your camera will be the star of your production equipment rental package. Whichever one you choose to use, it will set the tone for nearly everything and anything else on your list. The lenses. The lights. The stands. The dollies. The filters. It’s likely to even impact your choice of sound equipment. So, needless to say, we advise you carefully consider all your options before deciding which one is best …

The Essential Movie Equipment List for Getting Great Moving Shots on Your Next Project in Florida

Don’t wait until post-production to solve problems that should be addressed in pre-production. Hasty planning can often result in expensive reshoots. Making sure you have the right gear on-set can save you precious time and money. Of course, you’re going to put a lot of thought into the technical aspects of your production, like which camera, lighting kits, and sound equipment you’ll need. But when you’re planning your movie equipment rental, it’s essential to consider the accessories that will complement such gear. According to many …

Saying Good-bye to Birns & Sawyer? The Future of Film Equipment Rental

Here’s some film trivia for you. What do 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia, 1969’s Easy Rider, 1984’s This is Spinal Tap, and 2000’s X-Men have in common? They all used equipment rented from legendary TV and film production equipment rental house Birns & Sawyer.

It’s not good-bye in the strictest sense—the company is merely reconfiguring its operations. But we are bidding farewell to the original movie camera rental shop in Hollywood.  One that’s been in operation since 1954.
Film’s Last Stand?
In some ways, yes. But this isn’t …

The Arri Alexa Mini LF. The Good and Bad News

As anticipated, when the original Arri Alexa LF came out, I knew that it would be just a year before a Mini LF version would appear. ( I was right for once!)

The good news and the bad news
The good news is this camera is a game changer for Arri. It looks like a real winner. It has to be, because they’re now competing with the Sony Venice, which is a really, really great camera. Not to mention Arri lost a lot of ground by not coming out with a compact large format camera sooner. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  Apparently the camera w …

Cinematography Tips You May Not Have Tried

There are dozens, if not hundreds of cinematography techniques available to help you become a better storyteller. From pre-visualization to thinking—and shooting—like an editor, we wrote about some of them in a recent post.

In this post we’ll cover some techniques that might help you start to think even more outside the box of your comfort zone.
Iconic cinematography techniques
Have you ever heard a brief clip of unfamiliar music and immediately knew who composed it? Or seen a work of art (think Banksy) and known instantly who created it …

Extraordinary Angles: Getting the Shot with a Kessler Pocket Jib

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where the cow is hoisted into the Raptor Pen? Or the shot of Eric Draven crawling out from his grave in The Crow? Both shots were achieved with a jib—the first is known as a crane down, look up; the second a crane up.

Essentially, DP’s use jibs to add a dramatic effect to a shot.  They are incredible tools that can help convey a wide range of expressions and emotions to your audience. Moving Picture Rental carries the Kessler Pocket Jib Pro, and your next shoot shouldn’t be without it.
What’s a Jib? …